We specialize in delicious bacon sandwiches made with primarily locally sourced ingredients, and a selection of beverages.

  • Abe’s Bacon Butty - A Canadian take on a delicious UK classic – Back bacon, bacon strips, Abe’s special sauce, maple-caramelized onions and sliced tomatoes on a buttered Kaiser – $6

  • The Bacon Club - An OINKcellent club sandwich – Back bacon, bacon strips, chicken, arugula, avocado, tomato, maple-caramelized onions, cilantro mayo on a grilled Kaiser –  $7

  • Gourmet PorkabellaGuaranteed to make your taste buds squeal – Back bacon, bacon strips, marmelade, maple-caramelized onions, grilled portabella mushrooms, goat cheese, mayo, arugula on a grilled Kaiser –  $8

  • Simply “Dill”iciousDon’t knock it til you’ve tried it – Peameal bacon, bacon strips, old Canadian cheddar, dill pickles, crunchy dill pickle chips and garlic mayo on a Kaiser –  $7

  • The HangoverOne bite and you’ll be feeling just swine – Back bacon, bacon strips, one egg over easy, maple-caramelized onion, sliced tomatoes, mayo and a splash of Tabasco on a Kaiser – $7

  • Bacon Lollipops- Chocolate covered bacon on a stick. Oh yeah we did. 2 for $5, 1 for $3. 
  • Beverages$2

All prices include taxes. We’re all in.

We accept cash and credit cards.

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